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Resin Flooring Specialists Lanark

Based in The Wirral, Resin Flooring Systems Ltd are one of the country's leading resin flooring contractors serving Lanark & surrounding areas. We specialise in all aspects of industrial and commercial resin flooring.

Specialists in helping your business

Our resin flooring solutions range from epoxy coatings through to heavy duty polyurethane screed flooring. Specialist requirements can include high tolerances of flatness, increased chemical resistance and anti-static qualities. The need to withstand forklift trucks and other heavy trafficking are also important features.

Resin Flooring Systems Ltd also provide a nationwide service, and being centrally located in the North West enables us to quote at hugely competitive rates. Whatever your budget, whatever your project we are sure to have the solution for you!
Resin Flooring Systems
Durable & Abrasion Resistant

Most environments benefit from wear-resistant floors, especially those that have heavy foot and equipment traffic.

Resin Flooring Systems
Chemically Resistant

Using the latest resin technology, we can install flooring that protects against a wide range of chemicals

Resin Flooring Systems

Where chemical resistance, impact resistance and a smooth, seamless finish and ease of cleaning is vital

Resin Flooring Systems
Fast Curing

The long downtimes and disrupted work schedules caused by waiting for a floor to fully cure are now a thing of the past

Resin Flooring Systems
Easily Cleaned

All floors are designed especially for your specific environment and are easy to clean and maintain

Resin Flooring Systems
Slip Resistant

Our anti skid epoxy flooring provides excellent slip resistance for all types of industrial workspaces

Resin Flooring Systems
Hygienic & Compliant

We provide smooth, hygienic and impervious flooring required in clinical areas as they are easier to clean

Resin Flooring Systems
Easily Maintained

Flooring with constant traffic must be easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for all industry applications

Resin Flooring Systems
Colour Coordinated

Colour coded and coordinated floors which can be more easily identified and utilised by all staff

Toyota Resin Flooring Specialists Lanark

“delivered on time and on budget”

Toyota were totally impressed with the complete solution that Resin Flooring Systems Limited delivered to them, on time and on budget

We will identify any problems you have

Many problems associated with floors can effect business efficiency and cost you money, for example hygiene compliance and health and safety legislation.

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Contamination of existing surfaces by hazardous chemicals
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Oil and grease accumulation - causing slip hazards
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Worn or uneven floors - increasing the risk of tripping
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Rough surfaces - causing forklifts to drop equipment or stock
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Flaking floors or wearing concrete creating dusty environments
Resin Flooring Specialists Lanark

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