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Resin FloorsResin Flooring Systems Limited : Available Colours
This is a selection of colours that we currently can offer our clients, please ask for information about any special requirements you might have.

Green Yellow Blue Dark Grey
Mid Green Buff Orange Mid Grey
Light Green Beige Magnolia Light Grey
Safety Yellow Safety Red Red Mid Blue

the above colours are for guide and reference only. The actual colours of resin may vary slightly

Black & White also available. The colours illustrated are as accurate as the monitor being viewed on and should be only used as a guide.



The colours listed are based on coating grades

Fine aggregate filled systems will vary in shade slightly

Heavily filled systems will only show the colour as background.

Our resin systems are relitively light stable but will change colour on prolonged exposure.

Certain special chemicals resistant grades are available in dark colours only and will disciolour on exposure to light.